Our Projects

OL7M idea

For several years we fulfill our dreams in an overgrown meadow. There are not many of us, but we appreciate each other - we broadcast, we contest, we build new facilities. We also plant trees, we keep bees, we set off fireworks, and we drink tea and also whiskey.

The surrounding world is changing every moment, but we protect our own. Everything that occurs during this pilgrimage of ours is also available for you here. Welcome!



Photos and info at QRZ.com

Historical photos from building of the OL7M contest QTH.

QRZ.com page

Blog - photos & stories

Blog page with photos from the contests, technical articles etc.

Blog page

3830 Results from OL7M QTH

Notes for the contests run from OL7M contest QTH.

3830 page

QRO.cz & RemoteQTH.com

All parts are made by our companies. From RX antenna boxes to multibeaming systems. Please visit our web with projects and full documentations.

Web page

HF & 10 GHz WEB SDRs

You can use our web SDRs. There is HF, 10 GHz tropo and 10 GHz QO-100 SDR

10 GHz Tropo 10 GHz QO-100

RBN spots from our skimmers

We do have three eight HF bands skimmers. First runs CW, second RTTY and one is just for FT8. There are two Red Pitaya boards.



SatNOGS Network is a global management interface to facilitate multiple ground station operations remotely. An observer is able to take advantage of the full network of SatNOGS ground stations around the world.

OL7M GND station Telemetry

2m & 70cm APRS Igw + WX

We are running 2m APRS and 70cm LoRa APRS Igate ways. You can also find our WX stations, -6 is in 6m and -4 in 40m above the ground.

APRS.fi page


144 MHz EME by Slavek OK1CU and Martin OK1UGA